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The Bio


                Aaron Ellis Sabater        


Aaron Sabater was born on July 26, 1990 in the Bronx NY to Rafael and Jennie Sabater. He is the 2nd youngest of 6 siblings and 1 out of 4 to break into the entertainment industry. He was raised in upper Westchester, NY, where he attended Copper Beech Middle School and Lakeland High School.


It was during this time that his parents had enrolled him in the Boys and Girls Harbor Conservatory in Harlem, NY, where he was trained in acting singing and dance. While under the guidance and mentorship of his teacher Edwin Lee Gibson, he progressed in his skills as an actor and was awarded a scholarship for the school.


Upon graduating from high school Aaron joined the United States Army as a Military Police officer and was honorably discharged in 2016. Aaron is now focusing on a promising career in acting and stand-up comedy all while raising his 8 year old daughter.


He’s been featured on major TV networks such as HBO and Comedy Central with his most noticeable appearance being on VH1. Aaron’s witty and very personal comedic style has been compared to the likes of comedy legends such as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart.


He often taking jabs at situations in his own life and giving his own take on his everyday observations he’s known to have the crowd holding on to their stomachs from the laughter, the second he gets on stage.