2017, You Better Be Good to Me

Let me start off by saying 2016 was not my worst year, I was able to get back in school full time and pass all my classes for one thing. I was also able to be a background guy in a bunch of scenes for a major film and I was able to be a featured performer on a TV show on a major network (both air next month). I found myself slacking as far as my comedy stuff was concerned but it was for a good reason and I always kept myself busy. While everything was going OK in that direction, I'll be honest with a lot of stuff going on for me and with me in my personal and work life (non comedy/acting) I was just eating constantly. Binge eating sometimes for hours and I was developing a slew of stomach problems as a result. It's hard to not see gratification out of eating things that are bad for you. I checked my weight from 2015 I was 255 lbs. at the end by the end of 2016 I was 265 lbs. well I don't know what the hell happened but I'm now at an impressive 280 lbs (that was sarcasm I'm not impressed I know I could do better).

Don't worry, I'm disgusted for letting myself get to that weight. I used to be in the military and this is not where i wanted to be every fitness wise, I remember pushing my self to hit get my run down by 2 minutes and due 2 miles in 15 minutes now i think that same two mile would take me about an hour. My plan on my weight loss, I don't want to call is a resolution because that isn't what it is, but it's to really change my lifestyle around. Eat right, sleep good, workout daily and get more into bodybuilding then gaming in my free time (which isn't much time at all). I think this lifestyle change will also bring out the better qualities in me, like to be more driven. I need a mental push sometimes to stay "hungry" and make my self motivated it's a game for me. I feel like once you get right with yourself, everything else will fall into play because it'll be natural to you.

Aside from the health stuff, I just want to be more artistically challenged and want to be more involved in the comedy scene. By next year i really want to be traveling doing comedy possible even go on a comedy tour next year. I'm already applying for a new passport so hopefully I'll be able to get some good bookings around the country in out of it. Anyways I'm trying to stay positive for the new year even thought it isn't shaping into something good. #MadeAaronGreatAgain2017

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